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Advisory 101

Advisory 101

Solving Your Puzzles

Our Business/IT Consultants work hard to advise you on how best to use information technology to meet your business objectives. For us, your business comes first and your technology runs a distant second. This is because we strongly believe that IT is only there to strengthen your business - IT is NOT your business. Your technology investment should improve your business either by reducing costs, improving efficiencies, increasing capacity or possibly by creating genuine competitive advantage.

We work with you to clearly define your problem. Once we know exactly what the issues are we can begin to consider what technologies, if any, could be used to help improve performance. Working alongside you and your management team we will develop practical and cost effective strategies and tactics that will meet your specific needs.

Our consultants work within four basic principles:

  • Focus on the relationship:

    We work hard to understand your personality and expectations, as well as those of your organisation and all other stakeholders
  • Clearly defined role:

    We make certain that both your team and ours have clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
  • Visualize success:

    Our consulting engagements have defined beginning, middle and endpoints. We do not accept open-ended arrangements. We believe that it's our job to make sure that you see the end at the beginning.
  • We advise, you decide:

    It's our job to provide you with the tools and information needed to make a good decision. We do not have the right to make critical decisions on your behalf.