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Application Development

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Do you want to “Delight your Customers”? Would you like to be able to provide better value AND increase customer engagement? Do you wish that you consistently captured more information about your clients? Are you frustrated that you can’t find an application or system that does EXACTLY what you need?

We can help by building a custom application that meets your exact needs. We don’t start from scratch – that would be too expensive for most firms: We use tools like Microsoft CRM® and Sharepoint® to kick-start the process.

Thanks - but I already have a CRM!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are great for systematically collecting information about your clients and their key personnel. And that’s close to the limit of what many companies do. We often see businesses that have three or more databases of customer information: One for sales and marketing; one for the support team and one for finance and invoicing. It’s hard to know which database holds the “right” information – and ultimately confidence is eroded because no one knows where to look.

The Power of a Purpose Built Customer Service System

Imagine a system where customer data is only recorded once – and information that is specific to your interests is collected as a matter of course. Your account managers would be able to see problems reported to the support desk. Invoices would be sent to the right people the first time. Your entire history of customer contact is in one place.

Imagine extending the system so that it helps you manage your products and services – either by interfacing to them or by creating a new labour saving application.

We can make the complex simple.

If your operation has any repeatable process chances are a custom application would be able to streamline your daily business. And it’s a surprisingly cost effective option.

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