AVG Email Security Services

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AVG Email Security Services

AVG Email Security Services

Powerful suite of email security services to help keep your business communications more efficient, secure and spam-free. AVG Email Security Services help make your business compliant with specific industry regulations and other data privacy requirements.

Now AchieveIT can deploy, monitor, and update all anti-spam, archive, and encryption services from any web browser via the AVG CloudCare portal, with no need for investing in costly hardware or third-party software.

The AVG Email Security services are:

• AVG AntiSpam

 Cloud-based email security service saves your company money with comprehensive protection, stopping spam, viruses, phishing attacks, and other email-borne threats before they enter your network.

•AVG Email Archive

 Simple, secure, cloud-based solution that automatically routes all incoming, outgoing, and internal email through the AVG Email Archive cloud gateway so every message can be safely stored and retrieved by any of your employees at any time.

• AVG Email Archive Lite

 Offers secure archiving of all emails on a rolling 60-day basis so your employee can search, access, and recover emails without needing to contact your IT provider.

• AVG Encrypted Email

 Helps prevent identity theft and security breaches at your company by providing complete and efficient email protection.



When communication can be this efficient and secure…Why complicate?