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Project Rescue

Project Rescue

The $#%^@&* Project is Off the Rails!

Projects have a habit of going wrong. And technology projects have the worst reputation of all.

Sometimes senior managers just have a "gut feeling" that something is not quite right with their project, despite every report and indicator telling them that the project is running to plan.

What can you do?

Obviously you need some independent advice from a firm that has many years experience with project management. Broadly speaking we offer two remedial services: Project Health Checks and Tiger Teams.


Project Health Checks

Project Health Checks are a great way to quickly gain some additional insight regarding the status, or health, of your project. We interview the project team and review project collateral in an effort to find gaps, inconsistencies or under performing project communications. A Project Health Check is not as time consuming or obtrusive as an audit. It can help to turn around an ailing project or it can give you the confidence you need to continue funding the effort. Project Health Checks can be scheduled to run several times through the lifecycle of a larger project as part of a quality assurance program - and they can be a major aid for up-skilling and mentoring emerging project managers.


Tiger Teams

If your business critical project is in danger of failing you need a Tiger Team to get it back on track. We will work with you to quickly assess the scope of the problems and then will bring in the project resources needed to either supplement or replace your project team. Project rescue can be a tough process - but we do it with extreme levels of professionalism and we work hard to ensure that your project team members and stakeholders are picking up skills along the way.


Regardless of the reason why you have engaged us, our experienced team of project managers also add additional value by provide providing peer support and knowledge transfer that will boost the effectiveness of your team now and into the future.