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ViewIT Managed Services

ViewIT Managed Services

If you're a typical small to medium sized business your Information Technology costs are probably much more than you realise. A ViewIT Managed IT Service will not only SAVE YOU MONEY it will IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR IT SERVICES.

The Problem

Although you might not recognise it, you're facing a bunch of challenges. Here's a few to consider:


Chances are that you either have one guy mostly dedicated to IT or perhap you use one of your senior team to "look after things".

  • Do you know that its quite difficult for one person to fully grasp the critical details of even a simple corporate network? It's hard to find anyone who has an in-depth knowledge of desktop operating systems, server operating systems, firewall and routing rules, information security etc etc. Each of these are specialisations in their own right. If you did happen to chance upon someone who had all of these skills his/her salary would be well north of $100,000 per annum. The reality is that your systems probably arent as robust, reliable and secure as they should or could be. 


Slow and unreliable computer systems cost you money.

  • Frustration creeps in and confidence with corporate data drops. People start creating manual workarounds to avoid system problems. This all impacts efficiency.


Downtime is longer than expected.

  • Even apparently small problems take a long time to fix causing processing backlogs that need additional time (and cost) to manage.


Overall, technology has become a cost burden to your business - not the profit centre it was promised to be.

The Solution

Let’s say your IT support cost is around $75,000 pa and you have about 40 people in your workforce who use laptop or desktop PCs. 

For this example, for a fixed price of around $5,000 per month for a ViewIT Managed Service you would get:

  • Access to a team of IT professionals who are qualified across a range of disciplines.
  • A guaranteed response time for those times when things do go wrong.
  • On-site engineering support when you need it.
  • Secure remote control of servers & PCs to enable quick resolution of most problems
  • Completion of daily, weekly and monthly "housekeeping" or systems maintenance tasks
  • A monthly ViewIT performance report with easy to interpret visual dashboards

Our ViewIT Managed IT Service is a pro-active support model. It's our job to steer you clear of downtime and interuptions. In many ways, your IT system is like your car: Keep the maintenance up and breakdowns will be a rarity.