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Pre-Paid Support

Pre-Paid Support

Prepaid ViewIT Support

You would like to have reassurance and peace of mind that you have access to a trusted and reliable services provider to be responsible for your IT, but you don’t want the commitment of a full ViewIT Managed Services or need critical response times, prepaid hours are probably the right option for you.

A ViewIT Prepaid Support agreement allows you to pre- purchase hours that you then use or “cash in” so to speak, on an ad hoc basis when an issue arises. This allows you control and flexibility when it comes to your IT spending.

Purchasing pre-paid hours with AchieveIT gives you the opportunity to test run our services with little risk associated with costs.

We have four different options to choose from:

  1. 10 hours @ $165 = $1650.00
  2. 25 hours @ $160 = $4000.00
  3. 50 hours @ $155 = $7750.00
  4. 100 hours @ $150= $15 000

Our prepaid option gives you peace of mind that AchieveIT will be there to support your business if something goes wrong. This means you will never have to stress about who will fix your problem, how much it will cost and how good they will be. You can call us with confidence, knowing that you will get quality technical support every time.


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