Office 365 - Organise Your Documents

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Office 365 - Organise Your Documents

Office 365 - Organise Your Documents

Store, sync, and share files simply

Have you ever had this problem? One minute you’re working on documents with colleagues nearby, and the next you’re working with customers on a different set of files. Half the time you end up sharing your stuff via email and soon you have lost track of who is updating what.
That's no problem with Office 365 in the cloud, which gives you lots of ways to store, organise, and share files with people inside and outside your organisation. No headaches over version control, either. Your files are always up to date, so everyone can access the latest master copy.


Simplify teamwork

Create a new team folder from Outlook easily, without IT, to help teams get to what they need fast.


Get your files anywhere

With 1 TB of personal document storage, you can store your files online so you can access them anytime, anywhere, from your PC, tablet, or phone. And you can share them with anyone - internally or externally giving them either read only or editing access. There's no more need to email documents anywhere!


Wrapping it up

Office 365 propels Microsoft into the Internet age and gives businesses the flexibility they need, coupled with access to the Office applications that the business world demands. Keep an eye on this blog for further details about Office 365. But in the meantime, if you'd like to take Office 365 for a spin, call 1300 22 48 48 and we'll arrange a 30 day trial.