Tuesday Tip - Educate Your Employees

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Tuesday Tip - Educate Your Employees

Tuesday Tip - Educate Your Employees
Written by Craig Dennis   

Internet security software such as the AVG CloudCare platform, is incredibly important, but cannot do the job all on its own.

For airtight Internet security you must educate your employees on safe Internet activity and the dangers of viruses and malware. These Internet nasties cannot find their way to your systems without someone opening the door for them. From downloading attachments to being duped in to clicking on a link that allows a virus in, your employees must know what to avoid.

Instructing your employees to only download attachments that are expressly work related is usually a good way to protect against malicious email attachments. Employees should also avoid surfing websites that are not work related, as even reputable websites can be infected with malware. Additionally, any peer-to-peer technologies that are not in-house file sharing should be completely avoided.

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