Tuesday Tip - Clean Machines

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Tuesday Tip - Clean Machines

Tuesday Tip - Clean Machines
Written by Craig Dennis   

All of your computers should be equipped with security software such as AVG CloudCare.

Most new Windows machines come with Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows 7) or Windows Defender (Windows 8), but it is essential to keep these programs and their virus and malware definitions up to date through Windows updates. Unfortunately, the updates do not alway occur and it is essential that each of your PCs are regularly inspected to ensure that the definitions are kept up to date.

For this reason some businesses find this included software to be inadequate and turn to CloudCare's AVG AntiVirus to get the job done. CloudCare is centrally managed via a web portal - this means that you always know that your machines are up-to-date and that manual intervention can be taken remotely if need be.

In addition to up-to-date security software, it is also important to keep the rest of your software, web browsers and operating system up-to-date. Online threats are constantly evolving, and software updates are essential in fighting the threat. Be sure to run a virus scan after each update in case older versions of your software missed anything.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 June 2014 00:08