Tuesday Tip - Backup Data

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Tuesday Tip - Backup Data

Tuesday Tip - Backup Data
Written by Craig Dennis   

Lost data can put you out of business

From malware with the ability to delete or render your data inaccessible, to a power surge causing you to lose working files, there are myriad reasons to back up your data. In the event of such an emergency, you should have your data backed up on an offline server, stored in a secure area with limited physical or digital access.

Ideally, large volumes of corporate data should be backed up locally then taken off-site as soon as possible. Establish a regular backup rotation - perhaps keeping daily backups for a week, weekly backups for a month, monthly backups for a year and annual backups indefinitely. Backup tools such as ShadowProtect are ideal for this task.

Staff with laptops who tend to roam around should also keep their local data safe. This is where an online backup product such as AVG Online Backup can be used to best advantage. Everytime the PC is connected to the Internet, Online Backup continues working in the background copying up new - and potentially critical - files that were created on the road.

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