3 steps to protecting your business - Part 1

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3 steps to protecting your business - Part 1

3 steps to protecting your business - Part 1
Written by Craig Dennis   

Securing your business from Internet malware is a relatively simple matter,
but it does require some forethought and a small investment of money
and time.

By taking action now, the time and cost will be more than offset against the potential lost revenues and wasted management time in dealing with security issues that are likely to occur at a later date if you are not properly secured.

When thinking about online security for your organisation, consider the age-old medical adage: "prevention is better than cure".
The essential steps to take
can be broken down into three categories

  • Policy
  • Technology and;
  • Process

Building Your Policy

  1. Decide whether computers, laptops and software are to be supplied by your company or by your staff – and reflect these decisions in your policies, purchasing and processes.
  2. Document a simple acceptable-use policy for any computer that is used for company business or media that is used to store or transport company data.
  3. Create an acceptable password-strength policy and ensure that all computers and other IT equipment are password protected.
  4. Require all security incidents to be promptly reported and managed by a business stakeholder.


Next time we'll look at the impact of technological solutions.

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