3 steps to protecting your business - Part 2

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3 steps to protecting your business - Part 2

3 steps to protecting your business - Part 2
Written by Craig Dennis   

Securing your business from Internet malware is a relatively simple matter,
but it does require some forethought and a small investment of money
and time.

Last time we briefly discussed the importance of Company Policies to set the framework. Now we are moving our attention to Technology

Review Your Technology

  1. Ensure all operating systems and application software are updated with the latest security patches as they are developed – preferably using automatic update technology.
  2. Ensure all computers have an up-to-date security software suite on them.
  3. Every computer should have its own firewall software, in addition to any premises-based network firewall you may be running.
  4. If managing your own file storage and email servers, ensure these are also running up-to-date security software.


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