3 steps to protecting your business - Part 3

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3 steps to protecting your business - Part 3

3 steps to protecting your business - Part 3
Written by Craig Dennis   

Securing your business from Internet malware is a relatively simple matter,
but it does require some forethought and a small investment of money
and time.

So far we've touched on the importance of Company Policy and managing technologies. Today we're looking at Process.

Establish Your Processes

  1. Ensure all staff receive basic online security training and instruction in your policies.
  2. Ensure regular backups are taken of all company files, data, email and other systems.
  3. Change all passwords regularly, especially when an employee or contractor leaves the company, and in particular change administrator passwords or shared passwords to centralised networks or systems.
  4. Take security breaches seriously – isolate any compromised systems from the network and involve an IT security professional if necessary to ensure the malware is fully removed.


That covers off our summary of the three steps you need to follow to secure your business. Over coming weeks I'll drill down some more and expand on the points I've made in this primer. 

In the meantime if you need more advice feel free to give our team at AchieveIT a call on 1300 22 48 48.

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