CryptoLocker Update

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CryptoLocker Update

CryptoLocker Update
Written by Craig Dennis   

In early July we blogged about CryptoLocker - a particularly nasty piece of "ransomware" that badly impacted one of our clients.

Fortunately there has been some good news about this in recent days. A Cryptolocker decryption tool has been developed. So, if your PC was affected by Cryptlocker, or you know someone whose machine was, head to  and upload one of your encrypted files.  This will allow the site to determine the code for unlocking all of the files on the affected PC.  Full details are on the site.

Please bear in mind that we are only reporting on this - and we can't provide any guarantees. Also, the CryptoLocker and it's variants may evolve so this solution might not work indefinitely.

The best solution is the maintain perfect PC hygene. And please don't use a system administrator login for normal workday access to your machine. That's just like opening the front door for the bad guys!  

Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 August 2014 14:46