5 ways to protect yourself from malware

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5 ways to protect yourself from malware

5 ways to protect yourself from malware

Malware is a broad term that covers viruses, trojans and other nasties that can find a home on your PCs and systems. Anti-virus tools can only do so much to protect you because often malware masquerades as legitimate software and the unsuspecting user unwittingly installs it. Quite different to a virus that sneaks around the backdoors of your system!

Here's some tips to help you protect yourself:
  1. Never open unknown links or suspicious attachments and make sure your operating system/ internet browsers are up-to-date
  2. Set up a central Cloud-based drive where master copies of all important documents must be stored
  3. Use a spam- and virus-filtered email service
  4. Get reputable anti-virus software and ensure you update it frequently
  5. Always back up your files locally and use an online back-up service to be perfectly safe

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