An introduction to cloud computing

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An introduction to cloud computing

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An introduction to cloud computing

Today the business world is very different to what it used to be. Size isn’t everything when it comes to economies of scale. Today, network solutions that are available to the largest companies on earth are now available to everyone through the cloud.
The best parts about small-medium business IT outsourcing is that the smallest businesses can take advantage of capabilities that large businesses dominated for a long time.

While your business might benefit most from having some servers of its own and a reasonable IT department, there are many functions that can be outsourced to the cloud for substantial savings. In addition to allowing a small business to access functions such as managed IT support, there are also the advantages of increased capabilities for all of your employees.

The fact of the matter is, cloud computing allows everything from data storage and real time updating of saved files to anti-virus and antispam functions that never need to be manually updated. This is an added advantage to employees who can now just do their jobs and move along; it can also save the business from a lot of errors that non IT professionals can make.

With proper support from trained IT professionals, your network can provide incredible efficiency and results to everyone in your company from all around the world. While security in the physical world may be able to defend a small area, the online world works differently. While your staff may be spread all over the physical world, their IP addresses and the data they receive might actually be just as small on different continents as it would be if they were in the same office.

Having access to the security functions of the cloud can be a major advantage; this eases the strain on your internal IT staff and on costs of maintaining a secure network. What the cloud can really provide is peace of mind. Through giving your employees the power to access the network from anywhere, it lowers chances of downtime and gives them the convenience to communicate efficiently which means focus can be directed to running and growing your business.

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