5 Tips to Increase the Life of your laptop.

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5 Tips to Increase the Life of your laptop.

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5 Tips to Increase the Life of your laptop.

Not only do many people prefer laptops over large desktop computers these days, but they are also becoming preferred in a business setting as well.  Providing laptops to employees is extremely convenient however it can be expensive, especially for those businesses with large numbers of staff. This means that when given a laptop, employees should be informed on ways to look after it to ensure its longevity and efficiency.

5 ways to help increase the life of a laptop:

1. When you shut down or close the lid of the laptop, wait for the hard drive to stop spinning before moving it or putting it away. If it is moved before it stops there is a high chance the actuator arm could be shaken, which could damage the hard drive.

2. Perform a disk scan as a preventative measure around once a month to check for any problems that may be going on with the hard drive. It is also a good idea to look for any updates as they arise so the computer is always current.

3. If the laptop has been left on for a while, make sure that it cools off considerably before putting it into a laptop carry case, overheating of laptops is a very common problem.

4. If the laptop is going to be plugged in for a week or more, take the battery out. When the laptop is plugged in, the battery is constantly charging which can damage the battery over time.

5. Make sure employees take the time every few months or so to do a decent clean out of the laptop, inside and out. Remove the dust and delete files that aren’t worth having on the computer.

Did you know?
Laptops are not meant for our laps. Laptops actually need circulation to stay cool and to run at their best level. Using them on a flat surface is best so that the air can circulate adequately around the machine and keep it running cool.

The Bottom Line:
If you are an employee or a manager who gives out laptops to employees, make sure you know what steps should be taken to keep this expensive piece of IT equipment working to its full potential in order to reduce costs of replacement and repairs in the future.