Is your business prepared for an IT disaster?

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Is your business prepared for an IT disaster?

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Is your business prepared for an IT disaster?

As your business continues to grow, so do your data needs. As a result, IT disasters have become more common. Most businesses are actively becoming more and more concerned about their capacity for storage and their vulnerability to avoid or recover from disasters.

Why don't all businesses have a disaster recovery plan?

The problem with disaster recovery is that until a business truly experiences the pain of an IT disaster, very little do much about it. Not many executives or budget makers see the benefits in investing in disaster recovery and backup solutions because there may not have ever been a major disaster before.What they may not realise is that most of a company’s lost data is not the result of one catastrophic event but the effect of multiple small incidents.

The costs of having no disaster recovery plan:

At minimum, almost 90% of businesses have experienced a single event of system downtime. This averages over the time of about 2 days. Let’s say a business has 20 employees, that’s two days with them being able to perform minimal work, that could eventuate in costs for the business in wages of around $8000- at least.. Not to mention indirect costs to customer relationships, service delivery abilities, falling behind in work etc.

Disaster Recovery Plans literally save you money:

Rather than waiting for technology to fail or an epic disaster to occur, taking the time to create a plan is a smarter play. An IT professional will map out your disaster plan and assist you with ways to ensure that your business will not be impacted with downtime in the event of a disaster.

Why is it a good idea to get professional help with a disaster recovery plan?

Developing a plan can be as complex as developing a major system for your entire company. This all starts with analysis.

Risk analysis: What are the threats and where are you vulnerable?
Business Impact analysis: What are the essential processes which must happen for business to continue?
Application impact analysis: What are the recovery priorities and requirement?

Once the analysing stage is complete, the prioritisation process begins. This is similar to what would’ve been undertaken when your systems were originally designed. Everything under goes review and then a detailed articulation is undertaken. The next stage is for the consultant to develop the budget in terms of both cost and time.

What are the benefits of using a disaster recovery consultant?

> They have specialised knowledge: you may have your own IT staff in house, but they will not be as familiar with this process as a specialised person who has created hundreds of plans in their career.
> An external consultant can see things with fresh eyes, allowing for different perspectives and an impartial unbiased opinion on internal issues.                                                                                      >It also shows a commitment to your staff: by bringing in an external professional, the company is serious about getting disaster recovery right. It also sends the message to everyone that IT disaster recovery is something the business should take very seriously.

IT disaster recovery is a vital aspect to the survival of your company. Make sure you hire the right professional who is committed to understanding and getting it right for you- the first time.
Call a consultant at AchieveIT on 1300 22 48 48, to come out and have a chat to you about the ways we can help you and your business develop a succinct disaster recovery plan that will stand the test of time.