How to bring out the best in your internal IT staff

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How to bring out the best in your internal IT staff

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How to bring out the best in your internal IT staff

What is the real point of spending money on IT?

Take a look at your company’s website, how important is it to you? Does it generate leads and revenue whilst looking attractive and providing information at the same time? Now how about your IT staff, wouldn’t you love to have them working on large projects that reduce costs and generate more revenue for your business? Isn’t that nicer than having them run from small issue to small issue each day just reacting rather than being able to use their skills to improve the processes of your business?

It is clear what the problem is, IT staff spend too much time putting out fires; imagine the work that could get done if their time wasn’t spent on unproductive daily repair tasks…Your IT staff could be put to better use doing some of the following activities:

- Automating routine administration tasks, to create processes and save thousands of hours of time and therefore money
- Focus on an IT problem that may have been on the back burner for months
- Work on improving an IT related function that your competitors may be getting right
- Building and/or improving e-commerce processes
- Facilitating more efficient ways to interact and communicate with clients and customers with more ease
- Spending more time selecting the most adequate software and hardware that will be the best choice for the business

Can you think of at least one project that your business could take part in if your IT staff had the time that would save money and begin increasing revenue for you right away?

Your IT staff love challenges and technology, they want you to give them the freedom to create and test their skills instead of just cleaning up messes and not seeing any positive changes as a result of their work. Unhappy IT employees will eventually leave the company while happy and more fulfilled employees will be more likely to stay and remain aligned with company goals.
When you outsource the mundane IT tasks and the emergency IT work that hold a business back, it frees up some extremely talented people to enjoy IT and work on important projects that will make a huge impact to your businesses revenue opportunities.