12 Project Management Principles: #12 - Priorities

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12 Project Management Principles: #12 - Priorities

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12 Project Management Principles: #12 - Priorities

Project Managers must insist that senior management actively set priorities. In today's organisations, it is not uncommon for project team members to be expected to play active roles on many differing project teams at the same time. Ultimately, there comes a time when resources are stretched to their limits and there are simply too many projects to be completed successfully.


In response, some organisations have established a Project Office comprised of management representation from all departments to act as a clearinghouse for projects and project requests.

One of the main roles for the Project Office is to review the organisation's overall mission and strategies, establishes criteria for project selection and funding, monitors resource workloads, and determine which projects are of high enough priority to be approved. In this way senior management provides the leadership necessary to prevent multi-project log jams.