Painting a Pretty Picture at Nutech

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Painting a Pretty Picture at Nutech

02. Client Stories

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Painting a Pretty Picture at Nutech

Nutech Paint

Nutech Paint manufactures and distributes for over 40 years a range of standard, heavy duty and specialty surface coatings. Their specialties include concrete floor coatings, roof tile paints, and even rendering solutions. The people on staff really understand their product & their customers, and as a result the business has been growing steadily. From humble beginnings, Nu-tech Paint is now represented in 7 locations throughout Australia and is distributed via shops all around the world.

The problem

Nutech Paint’s head office in Seaford houses all of their essential business applications including email, accounting package, point of sale system. The business has grown to a point where a needed to upgrade the network speed we required.

How Nu-tech addressed their problem

Nutech Paint is just like a lot of medium sized enterprises in that value for money and return on investment really needs to be demonstrated clearly. Before they made any significant (and possibly unnecessary) investments in technology, it made sense to engage AchieveIT to spend time at their site and investigate the best way to solve issues.

They began an AchieveIT fixed price managed IT service and in just a few weeks it quickly became apparent there were some flaws in the network design, particularly with their internet speeds at head office. A plan to resolve these issues needed to be developed so that Nu-tech could get back to focusing on their primary business – manufacturing and distributing paint!

What AchieveIT did

To get Nutech Paint working at their best, we needed to change over the internet connection at their main office, this also required new purpose built VPN equipment at all sites - you can’t just swap over a router! A lot of time and energy was put into designing and setting up a Juniper VPN solution and new equipment was sent off to all sites ready for the “cut-over” day. AchieveIT spent many hours designing, configuring the changeover equipment. The thoroughness, attention to detail, and hard work of the AchieveIT staff meant that the cut over of internet service at all sites happened in the space of just 15 minutes! Nu-tech’s business operations didn’t have to stop or experience losses due to downtime during the entire process. They were back to business as usual. Staff immediately reported fantastic improvements. Particularly at the remote offices where print jobs could take over ten minutes, nowadays they process instantly and their staff and customers are not stuck waiting.

The benefits of the new support plan

"By paying a fixed monthly price we were able to cap our IT expenses. This changed in the way Nutech put an end to many recurring support calls and as a result the AchieveIT team has been able to spend their time proactively improving the site and the end user experience."

"The AchieveIT team worked diligently throughout the entire process to ensure the project ran on time and within budget, communication between the AchieveIT team and Nutech was fantastic and meant that were always informed and knew exactly what was happening and when-resulting in a smoothly delivered outcome that has greatly improved operations throughout our entire business.” – Joseph Eid, General Manager.