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Greg Patten - KPMG

02. Client Stories

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Greg Patten - KPMG

AchieveIT ("APCS") consultants provided KPMG with technical evaluations and recommendations of tender responses for their forthcoming IP Telephony system. Click the "Read More" link to watch a video where Greg Patten discusses the engagement.



"We engaged APCS with a very, very specific piece of work for KPMG - contrary to an internal resource that we might otherwise have used."

"I think it was a real sweet spot for them, a real niche in the market and I think from our perspective it was exactly what we wanted. We'd turn around and do it again. I think Brian and the team delivered everything I wanted (them) to and, quite frankly, under some considerable deadlines that we had. (They) distilled an awful lot of information to get us exactly where we needed to be.

We'd use Brian and APCS in a heartbeat. "

Greg Patten


Note: We worked with KPMG under our previous trading name of Australian Project & Consulting Services ("APCS")