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Paul Nicholson - Hi Fert

02. Client Stories

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Paul Nicholson - Hi Fert

“Making major changes in our IT direction is a strategic decision that requires the highest level of professional advice to ensure the best possible outcomes for both us and our clients.  I selected AchieveIT (under their previous trading name of APCS)  based on previous experience with the company and it has proved to be the right choice each time.


We recently engaged AchieveIT to assist our business in completing the execution of a project. AchieveIT suggested that rather than continue with the project that we undertake a scoping study prior to making any decision to continue with the project.   

This was sound advice as having already invested a significant amount of money without any traction we needed to review where we were before investing any more money.

AchieveIT’s ability to cover off all the issues that could potentially affect our business from both the positive and negative aspects is outstanding.  As a result of the scoping study, we now have all the required information, together with the level of detail we need to make a fully informed choice and the best strategic decision for our company.

Potentially, AchieveIT’s scoping study has either saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars on investing in a system that won’t work for us, or increased our potential earning capacity by a similar amount because we now know more about what we are trying to achieve and how best to achieve it.  Either way, using AchieveIT has already provided us with a win-win situation.

The AchieveIT people are extremely professional and their communications skills across all levels are excellent.  Their team connected with us and engaged our whole business in the scoping process and by gaining our views and input they made a whole picture out of a jigsaw puzzle.

We would definitely engage AchieveIT to assist with executing any project moving forward.  As project managers, AchieveIT meet the key criteria to ensure project success.  They are highly professional, extremely good communicators and there’s a high level of trust between us.   I would definitely use them again in the future.”

Paul Nicholson

IT Manager

Hi Fert Pty Ltd,

Note: We worked with HiFert under our previous trading name of Australian Project & Consulting Services ("APCS")